To a Paradigm Shift to the Evaluation of Scientific Activity into Higher Education

27 April, 2017

Reference: Manzano-Arrondo, V. (2017). Hacia un cambio paradigmático para la evaluación de la actividad científica en la Educación Superior. Revista de la Educación Superior, 46, 1-35. doi:

Abstract: The current assessment of scientific activity is performed by the same international pattern. This has stimulated a remarkable number of critical researches. However, the abundance of critical publications contrasts with the lack of alternative proposals. This paper presents a synthesis of the drawbacks observed in assessment practices, identifying negative consequences for science itself, its members and its public utilityin reference to Higher Education Institutions. A review of alternative voices is also added. Finally, this paper proposes a set of eight principles to assist in promoting a paradigm shift.

Keywords: Scientific evaluation, Impact factor, Usefulness of science.

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