Research Project

IMMIGRANT WELFARE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE IN ANDALUSIA: Generating a multilevel dynamic system

Coordinator: Virginia Paloma.

Duration: 2014-2016.

Abstract: This project aims to develop a systemic, dynamic, and multi-level model that allows explaining and modifying the well-being expressed by the immigrant population residing in Andalusia. For this purpose, it is proposed to use the system dynamics methodology, a mathematical tool that anticipates, through computer simulations, the effects of the implementation of certain public policies and social interventions at different time intervals. Its development has been planned in three phases and seven activities: (1) a theoretical and empirical approach to the subject matter of study (documentary analysis of the literature, collection of qualitative and quantitative empirical data); (2) elaboration of a theoretical model that includes and integrates all the dimensions related to immigrant well-being, scientifically based and at different levels of analysis (elaboration of an initial explanatory model, validation of the explanatory model with the immigrant community); and (3) modeling, simulation, and dissemination of the Explanatory Model of Immigrant Welfare (creation of a mathematical model adapted to the explanatory model, performance of simulations under computer experimentation to validate the theoretical adequacy and public usefulness of the model, organization of a community forum to disseminate the results).

The main products we hope to obtain are: (1) to contribute to the scientific development by understanding and explaining immigrant well-being based on all its systemic complexity, (2) to orient the management of current community challenges by generating a guideline of recommendations for the development of public policies and social interventions aimed at facilitating the construction of a just multicultural society in Andalusia, and (3) to consolidate our multidisciplinary work team, through the generation of joint scientific contributions in international-impact journals and participation in regional and international scientific and social discussion forums.

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Laboratorio Virtual del Bienestar Inmigrante (MIWEX lab):


Funded by:
Andalusian Studies Centre Foundation.