Psychopolitical Validation of Health Promotion Research for Migrant Populations: Conceptualising Well-being among Andalusian Moroccan Immigrants

5 julio, 2009

Referencia: Paloma, V., Herrera, I., & García-Ramírez, M. (2009). The psychopolitical validation of health research for minorities: Conceptualizing well-being among Moroccan immigrants. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care, 5 (1), 25-33. doi:

Resumen: This study will show how social investigation requires psychopolitical validity in order to guarantee the efficiency of scientific practices, achieving symmetrical relationships between populations and researchers. We describe a guideline to develop a range of concepts ready to be used in health practices with minorities, according to their culture and needs. We illustrate this framework through a conceptualisation of well-being for Andalusian Moroccans. Moroccan well-being is a function of positive valuation of their migratory transition and a pool of positive emotions. The achievement of expectations is related to building up networks, progress in the quality of life and social acknowledgement, and fulfilled efforts are related to the acquisition of competences, progress and the investment required. The main indicators of positive emotion are happiness, consistency and social contribution.

Palabras clave: Health promotion, Moroccan immigrants, Psychopolitical validity, Well-being.

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