CESPYD members participate in the YOU.TH Project: “Tools for Inclusive”.

Rocío Garrido and Blanca Vera, members of CESPYD, participants in the YOU.TH Project: “Tools for Inclusive” within the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) funded by the European Union.   This project aims to promote the use of digital and creative tools (mainly theatre) for promoting social justice and developing advocacy...

22 November, 2023 - noticias


The article “Community participation and subjective wellbeing among the immigrant population in northern Italy: An analysis of mediators”, published in the American Journal of Community Psychology by Martínez-Damia, S., Paloma, V., Luesia, J.F., Marta , E. , and Marzana, D. (, has been adapted to an informative format and published...

7 November, 2023 - medios

Hate speech about the migrant population in secondary school students in multicultural classrooms. Community empowerment and social transformation through the Participatory Action Research technique “Photovoice”.

Coordinator: Rosario Cubero. Duration: Ongoing project. Abstract: This project aims to make visible the experiences of secondary school students concerning hate speech related to migrant populations and xenophobia. The work of expression will be based on the photographic discourses of the adolescents, through the technique of Participatory Action Research Photovoice....

1 September, 2023 - investigacion


Sociopolitical Development of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Southern Spain: A Qualitative Study of a Pathway against Injustice

Reference: Duque, T., Aceros, J.C., & Paloma, V. (2022). Sociopolitical development of female migrant domestic workers in southern Spain: A qualitative study of a pathway against injustice. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology. Abstract: Domestic work is a sector characterized by various forms of injustice, prompting some women...

19 April, 2022

Promoting Justice through Community‐based Research: International Case Studies

Reference: Suarez‐Balcazar, Y., Balcazar, F., Miranda, D. E., Velazquez, T., Arcidiacono, C., & Garcia‐Ramirez, M. (2022). Promoting justice through community‐based research: International case studies. American Journal of Community Psychology, 1–13. Abstract: Community‐based participatory research (CBPR) approaches to promoting justice focus on working from the ground up and giving a...

11 March, 2022

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Psychological Well-being of Migrants and Refugees Settled in Spain

Reference: Garrido, R., Paloma, V., Benítez, I., Skovdal, M., Verelest, A. & Derluyn, I. (2022). Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the psychological well-being of migrants and refugees settled in Spain. Ethnicity & Health. Abstract: Objectives. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated health inequalities worldwide, having a disproportionately harsh impact on...

12 February, 2022

Contributions of the Liberating Community Psychology Approach to Psychosocial Practice on Sexual and Gender Diversity

Reference: Garrido R. & Zaptsi A. (2022). Contributions of the Liberating Community Psychology Approach to Psychosocial Practice on Sexual and Gender Diversity. In: Chaparro R. A. & Prado M. A. M. (eds) Latinx Queer Psychology. Springer, Cham. Abstract: Liberation psychology is possibly the biggest contribution of Latin America to...

16 December, 2021



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