ROMOMATTER: Empowering at-Risk Roma Girls' Mattering through Reproductive Justice

January 2019 marks the beginning of the ROMOMATTER project comprised of university-community partners from Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and the United Kingdom. The aim of this project is to tackle gender discrimination by empowering Roma girls’ mattering to help them envision their own futures.

Defending Roma Health Rights: Roma Advocacy for Health

Project funded by the Open Society Foundations. Its goal is to promote advocacy processes within and between multiple levels and different key stakeholders from the community to ensure the implementation of the health strand of the National Roma Integration Strategies in at-risk contexts in Sevilla, Spain.

Promoting Health Policies, Systems and Competences for Diverse Populations

The purpose of the Task Force Migrant, Equity and Diversity (TF MED) is to support member organisations in developing policies, systems and competences for the provision and delivery of accessible health care to patients from diverse populations. This task force is promoted by the International Network Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services.

The Empowerment of Intercultural Networks within Communities

We collaboratively work to characterize the migrant population living in Andalusia. Our objective is to identify their needs and improve the services available for all citizenry.
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El Activismo de las Trabajadoras del Hogar Latinoamericanas en Sevilla

Reference: Duque, T., Aceros, J.C., & Paloma, V. (2022). El activismo de las trabajadoras del hogar latinoamericanas. Sevilla: Asociación de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores del Hogar de Sevilla, Universidad Industrial de Santander & Universidad de Sevilla. Presentation: En primavera del año 2020 realizamos un trabajo de investigación en el que entrevistamos...

5 June, 2022 - publicaciones

Experience of Discrimination during COVID-19 Pandemic: the Impact of Public Health Measures and Psychological Distress among Refugees and other Migrants in Europe

Reference: Marchi, M., Magarini, F.M., Chiarenza, A., Galeazzi, G.M., Paloma, V., Garrido, R., et al. (2022). Experience of discrimination during COVID-19 pandemic: the impact of public health measures and psychological distress among refugees and other migrants in Europe. BMC Public Health 22, 942. Abstract: Background. The COVID-19 pandemic has...

15 May, 2022 - publicaciones


Sociopolitical Development of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Southern Spain: A Qualitative Study of a Pathway against Injustice

Reference: Duque, T., Aceros, J.C., & Paloma, V. (2022). Sociopolitical development of female migrant domestic workers in southern Spain: A qualitative study of a pathway against injustice. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology. Abstract: Domestic work is a sector characterized by various forms of injustice, prompting some women...

19 April, 2022

Promoting Justice through Community‐based Research: International Case Studies

Reference: Suarez‐Balcazar, Y., Balcazar, F., Miranda, D. E., Velazquez, T., Arcidiacono, C., & Garcia‐Ramirez, M. (2022). Promoting justice through community‐based research: International case studies. American Journal of Community Psychology, 1–13. Abstract: Community‐based participatory research (CBPR) approaches to promoting justice focus on working from the ground up and giving a...

11 March, 2022

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Psychological Well-being of Migrants and Refugees Settled in Spain

Reference: Garrido, R., Paloma, V., Benítez, I., Skovdal, M., Verelest, A. & Derluyn, I. (2022). Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the psychological well-being of migrants and refugees settled in Spain. Ethnicity & Health. Abstract: Objectives. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated health inequalities worldwide, having a disproportionately harsh impact on...

12 February, 2022

Contributions of the Liberating Community Psychology Approach to Psychosocial Practice on Sexual and Gender Diversity

Reference: Garrido R. & Zaptsi A. (2022). Contributions of the Liberating Community Psychology Approach to Psychosocial Practice on Sexual and Gender Diversity. In: Chaparro R. A. & Prado M. A. M. (eds) Latinx Queer Psychology. Springer, Cham. Abstract: Liberation psychology is possibly the biggest contribution of Latin America to...

16 December, 2021


La semana que viene estaremos aquíPróxima mesa organizada por la Marea Blanca en Sevilla. ... See MoreSee Less
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#EVENTO | 👥 Mesa de debate “migrantes, salud y sistema sanitario”

Participaremos en el debate sobre el sistema sanitario con @CESPYD_us, @CEARefugio, @MZC_Cooperacion y La Carpa.

🗓️ 3 de noviembre a las 19h

🔗 Más info:

🗣️"We need to support Roma communities to gain power through a community-based approach''.

@danielaemir (@CESPYD_us ) on how advocacy approach allows Roma people to feeling heard and recognized, and promote their health and equity.

#healthinequalities #Romahealth

We thank each and everyone who participated in our event this morning!
The discussion that was carried out throughout the event was very productive & insightful.
Event 📽️ will be posted shortly, watch this space👇

Released just now by @EPHA_EU!

#Policy paper on the analysis by @TomasdeJong & the #RomaHealth Network of national #Roma strategic frameworks (i.e., action plans), focussing specifically on #health & #housing #inequality


📢1⃣ day to go till our event 'Health & Housing in the EU Roma Framework'!
@EU_Justice will provide the MS with recommendations on their #Roma inclusion strategies this autumn.
Join us TOMORROW to discuss the #health & #housing aspects of these strategies!