Defending Roma health rights: Roma Advocacy for Health

Project funded by the Open Society Foundations. Its goal is to promote advocacy processes within and between multiple levels and different key stakeholders from the community to ensure the implementation of the health strand of the National Roma Integration Strategies in at-risk contexts in Sevilla, Spain.

Promoting health policies, systems and competences for diverse populations

The purpose of the Task Force Migrant, Equity and Diversity (TF MED) is to support member organisations in developing policies, systems and competences for the provision and delivery of accessible health care to patients from diverse populations. This task force is promoted by the International Network Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services.


COVID-19 Effects on Roma Health Rights and Social Determinants in Seville

Seville, 16 May 2020. Following the meeting with the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, on Wednesday 6th May, Roma women, CESPYD, Studio 41013 and other collaborators developed a policy brief with a set of recommendations that have been proposed to the City Council. Roma populations of Seville suffer a constant violation of their human...

16 May, 2020 - noticias

Determinants of Life Satisfaction of Economic Migrants Coming from Developing Countries to Countries with Very High Human Development: a Systematic Review

Reference: Paloma, V., Escobar-Ballesta, M., Galván-Vega, B., Díaz-Bautista, J.D., & Benítez, I. (2020). Determinants of life satisfaction of economic migrants coming from developing countries to countries with very high human development: A systematic review. Applied Research in Quality of Life. doi: 10.1007/s11482-020-09832-3 Abstract: Expectations held by economic migrants about improving...

11 May, 2020 - publicaciones


Advocating for Roma Rights in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis

Seville, 8 May 2020. CESPYD, together with a group of Roma women, leaders of community organizations, researchers and journalists are concerned about the consequences that the crisis of the coronavirus is having on the neighbors who live in the most unjust conditions during the confinement period in Seville (Spain). In...

8 May, 2020

Characterization of Migrations in Andalusia

Referencia: Garrido, R. (2019). Caracterización de las Migraciones en Andalucía. Redes Interculturales. Resumen: En este informe se presentan los resultados derivados de la sesión de trabajo que tuvo lugar dentro de la III Plenaria de Organizaciones de Redes Interculturales, celebradas los días 10 y 11 de noviembre de 2017 en Córdoba;...

1 October, 2019

Diversity and Equity in Ibero-American Universities: Characterization of Good Practices and Identification of Needs from the standpoint of Psychology

Since the suppression of homosexuality as a mental illness by the American Psychological Association in the 70-80s of the last century, there have been many advances in the recognition of LGTBIQ+ people rights around the world. The lack of guarantee of sexual rights entails the violation of human rights, but its presence does not guarantee real equity. Therefore, it is necessary not only to consider the socio-historical context and formal declarations/documents in relation to the protection of minority groups but also, the specific practices being developed in communities and public spaces/organizations.