ROMOMATTER: Empowering at-Risk Roma Girls' Mattering through Reproductive Justice

January 2019 marks the beginning of the ROMOMATTER project comprised of university-community partners from Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and the United Kingdom. The aim of this project is to tackle gender discrimination by empowering Roma girls’ mattering to help them envision their own futures.

Defending Roma Health Rights: Roma Advocacy for Health

Project funded by the Open Society Foundations. Its goal is to promote advocacy processes within and between multiple levels and different key stakeholders from the community to ensure the implementation of the health strand of the National Roma Integration Strategies in at-risk contexts in Sevilla, Spain.

Promoting Health Policies, Systems and Competences for Diverse Populations

The purpose of the Task Force Migrant, Equity and Diversity (TF MED) is to support member organisations in developing policies, systems and competences for the provision and delivery of accessible health care to patients from diverse populations. This task force is promoted by the International Network Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services.

The Empowerment of Intercultural Networks within Communities

We collaboratively work to characterize the migrant population living in Andalusia. Our objective is to identify their needs and improve the services available for all citizenry.
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Mental Health of Refugees and Migrants during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Experienced Discrimination and Daily Stressors

Reference: Spiritus-Beerden, E., Verelst, A., Devlieger, I., Langer-Primdahl, N., Botelho-Guedes, F., Chiarenza, A., De Maesschalck, S., Durbeej, N., Garrido, R., Gaspar de Matos, M., Ioannidi, E., Murphy, R., Oulahal, R., Osman, F., Padilla, B., Paloma, V., Shehadeh, A., Sturm, G., van den Muijsenbergh, M., Vasilikou, K., Watters, C., Willems, S.,...

11 June, 2021 - publicaciones

Psychosocial Benefits and Costs of Activism among Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Southern Spain

Reference: Aceros, J. C., Duque, T., & Paloma, V. (2021). Psychosocial benefits and costs of activism among female migrant domestic workers in Southern Spain. Journal of Community Psychology. Abstract: Economic migrant women often experience oppressive living and working conditions in the receiving societies. Activism is a liberatory behavior these...

9 June, 2021 - publicaciones


Training for Roma Health Advocacy: a Case Study of Torreblanca, Seville

Reference: Miranda DE, et al. Capacitación de población gitana en abogacía para la salud: un estudio de caso en Torreblanca, Sevilla. Gac Sanit. 2020. doi: Abstract: The objective of this study is to build advocacy capacity among a group of gipsy Roma neighbours living in contexts of risk of...

22 November, 2020

RoMoMatteR: Empowering Roma Girls’ Mattering through Reproductive Justice

Reference: Garcia-Ramirez, M., Soto-Ponce, B., Albar-Marín, M.J., Parra-Casado, D.L., Popova, D., & Tomsa, R. (2020). RoMoMatteR: Empowering Roma Girls’ Mattering through Reproductive Justice. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,17(22), 8498. doi: Abstract: Aim: To present a protocol study directed at tackling gender discrimination against Roma girls by...

18 November, 2020

Barriers to and Facilitators of Community Participation among Latinx Migrants with Disabilities in the United States and Latinx Migrant Workers in Canada: An Ecological Analysis

Reference: Suarez-Balcazar, Y., Viquez, F., Miranda, D., & Early, A.R. (2020). Barriers to and facilitators of community participation among Latinx migrants with disabilities in the United States and Latinx migrant workers in Canada: An ecological analysis. Journal of Community Psychology, 48 (8), 2773-2788. doi: 10.1002/jcop.22452 Abstract: Abstract Individuals migrate to improve their...

29 October, 2020

Constructions of Burnout, Identity and Self-care in Professionals Working toward the Psychosocial Care of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Italy

Reference: Marco Gemignani & Massimo Giliberto (2021) Constructions of burnout, identity, and self-care in professionals working toward the psychosocial care of refugees and asylum seekers in Italy, Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 34:1, 56-78. doi: 10.1080/10720537.2019.1700853 Abstract: Professionals who provide psychosocial services to refugees and asylum seekers in Italy are a population at high-risk of job stress...

1 October, 2020