Research Project

ROAD4HEALTH: A multi-level advocacy framework to implement the national Roma integration strategies’ health component in at-risk local contexts in Spain

Coordinator: Manuel García-Ramírez.

Partner: FAKALI.

Duration: 2016-2018.

Abstract: This project seeks to promote advocacy processes among multiple levels and stakeholders— policymakers, health professionals, organizational managers, Roma NGOs and Roma neighbors— to ensure the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies-Health component (NRIS-H) in at-risk local contexts with a high Roma population. To achieve this, the first objective is to map Roma sensitivity, accessibility and connectivity of health assets and resources in at-risk local contexts. The second and third objectives aim is to build NRIS-H advocacy capacity among health professionals and managers and Roma neighbors. Both advocacy groups will respectively redefine needs and actions in line with the NRIS-H, and propel transformative changes within their organizations and communities. The fourth objective pursues to achieve and sustain NRIS-H implementation by building stakeholder partnerships where health organization and community advocacy groups come together in a position of equality to confront institutional discrimination, allowing for systems change to occur. In order to measure the fair implementation of the NRIS-H, the fifth objective seeks to develop evaluation processes that assess the success of the implemented advocacy processes, assuring accountability. The sixth objective is to disseminate project findings at local and European levels.

More information: OSF proposal (Garcia-Ramirez, 2016).

Funded by:
Open Society Foundations.