A reproductive justice lens in COVID19 times: the rights of Roma girls

On World Children’s Day in the climate of COVID-19 we must highlight the urgent challenge to protect the rights of Roma girls across Europe. COVID-19 has marked a grim time in which Roma girls have experienced a significant loss in their closest networks, insufficient resources to continue their schooling at home, the...

1 December, 2020

COVID-19 Effects on Roma Health Rights and Social Determinants in Seville

Seville, 16 May 2020. Following the meeting with the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, on Wednesday 6th May, Roma women, CESPYD, Studio 41013 and other collaborators developed a policy brief with a set of recommendations that have been proposed to the City Council. Roma populations of Seville suffer a constant violation of their human...

16 May, 2020

Advocating for Roma Rights in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis

Seville, 8 May 2020. CESPYD, together with a group of Roma women, leaders of community organizations, researchers and journalists are concerned about the consequences that the crisis of the coronavirus is having on the neighbors who live in the most unjust conditions during the confinement period in Seville (Spain). In...

8 May, 2020

Not a step back against antigypysim!

Our colleagues from FAKALI organize a gathering tomorrow to protests against the antigypsist declarations of Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. Join us!!

25 June, 2018

Exchange between University of Illinois at Chicago and Universidad de Sevilla

During October-December 2017, CESPYD member Daniela Miranda was a visiting student at the University of Illinois at Chicago supervised by two minority advocacy experts, Professor Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar and Professor Fabricio Balcazar. This experience was enriching as it taught us about advocacy processes that a university-community based partnership have the capacity...

16 December, 2017

University of Sevilla commits to becoming a space for Roma health advocacy

University of Sevilla’s Vice Rector of Social and Community Service, Ana López Jiménez, committed to signing an agreement to amplify Fakali’s presence within the University, not only as an organization that provides annual extended studies courses and practicum opportunities for students, but as an organization with capacity to influence within...

16 August, 2017

First meeting between OSF-RIO, CESPYD and FAKALI

In February 2017, Open Society Foundation-Roma Integration Office’s planned a field visit to meet with CESPYD and FAKALI in Sevilla. RIO program officers had the chance to become more familiar with both organization’s work. RIO program officers visited both Polígono Sur Primary Healthcare Center and the Torreblanca Healthcare Center. We...

20 February, 2017

ROAD4HEALTH: Kick-Off Meeting

On February 2nd the official project kickoff meeting took place at the Universidad de Sevilla Nursing department.  In this meeting partners presented the activities and objectives of each phase included in the project. Please see meeting agenda here: ROAD4HEALTH Kick-Off Agenda. Fakali’s staff, the advisory board and student collaborators were invited...

4 February, 2017