Diversity and Equity in Ibero-American Universities: Characterization of Good Practices and Identification of Needs from the standpoint of Psychology

Since the suppression of homosexuality as a mental illness by the American Psychological Association in the 70-80s of the last century, there have been many advances in the recognition of LGTBIQ+ people rights around the world. The lack of guarantee of sexual rights entails the violation of human rights, but its presence does not guarantee real equity. Therefore, it is necessary not only to consider the socio-historical context and formal declarations/documents in relation to the protection of minority groups but also, the specific practices being developed in communities and public spaces/organizations.

1 October, 2019

Community Research Forum. A Multipurpose Tool

Reference: Manzano, V. (2016). Community Research Forum. A Multipurpose Tool. Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology, 8. Full text: http://www.psysr.org/jsacp/Manzano-Arrondo-v8n1_1-16.pdf Abstract: The community forum is a tool widely used by organizations of civil society, and sometimes with government. As a tool for action, the community forum has received little academic or scientific attention....

23 October, 2016

The Challenge of Equity in Health Policies Aimed at the Roma Population in Spain

Reference: García Ramírez, M., Escobar-Ballesta, M., Lizana, T., & Albar, MJ (2016). El Reto de la Equidad en las Políticas Sanitarias Dirigidas al Pueblo Gitano en España. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, vol. 7. Full text: http://gjcpp.org/en/article.php?issue=21&article=118 Reference: In this paper we address the contribution of the community psychology to the formulation of...

24 September, 2016