Seven Midwives in Dajla

Funded by: Diputación de Sevilla, Ayuntamiento de Carmona y Universidad de Sevilla
Coordinator: Fátima León Larios
Duration: Mayo 2017

14 December, 2020

A reproductive justice lens in COVID19 times: the rights of Roma girls

On World Children’s Day in the climate of COVID-19 we must highlight the urgent challenge to protect the rights of Roma girls across Europe. COVID-19 has marked a grim time in which Roma girls have experienced a significant loss in their closest networks, insufficient resources to continue their schooling at home, the...

1 December, 2020

Training for Roma health advocacy: a case study of Torreblanca, Seville

Reference: Daniela E. Miranda, Ana Gutiérrez-Martínez, Emilio Vizarraga Trigueros, María J. Albar-Marin. DOI: Abstract: The objective of this study is to build advocacy capacity among a group of gipsy Roma neighbours living in contexts of risk of social exclusion. A Community Based Participatory Action Research design was used, in...

22 November, 2020

Constructions of burnout, identity, and self-care in professionals working toward the psychosocial care of refugees and asylum seekers in Italy

Reference: Marco Gemignani, Massimo Giliberto. DOI: Abstract: Professionals who provide psychosocial services to refugees and asylum seekers in Italy are a population at high-risk of job stress and burnout. Located within competing demands from society, clients, changing work circumstances, and professional identities, they struggle to elaborate clear constructions of responsibility,...

1 October, 2020

Building Meaningful Community Advocacy for Ethnic‐based Health Equity: The RoAd4Health Experience

Reference: Daniela E. Miranda, Manuel García‐Ramírez, María J. Albar‐Marín. DOI: Abstract: The pervasive failure of policies aimed at overcoming health inequities suffered by European Roma reflects the oppressive and impoverished living conditions of many ethnic minorities in the Western world. The multiple social inequities that Roma experience and the cumulative...

13 September, 2020

A Community-Based Participatory Action Research for Roma Health Justice in a Deprived District in Spain

Reference: Daniela E. Miranda, Manuel Garcia-Ramirez, Fabricio E. Balcazar, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph16193722 Abstract: Addressing health disparities and promoting health equity for Roma has been a challenge. The Roma are the largest disadvantaged ethnic minority population in Europe and have been the victims of deep social and economic injustices, institutional...

1 July, 2020

Sexual and reproductive health in Roma women: the family planning programme of Polígono Sur in Seville (Spain)

Reference: Escobar-Ballesta, M., García-Ramírez, M., Albar-Marín, M.J., & Paloma, V. (in press). Salud sexual y reproductiva en mujeres gitanas: el programa de planificación familiar del Polígono Sur. Gaceta Sanitaria. doi:10.1016/j.gaceta.2017.12.006 Full text: Abstract: Objective: To describe the challenges, resources and strategies of the staff of the family planning programme of the Polígono Sur Healthcare Centre...

6 April, 2018

Exchange between University of Illinois at Chicago and Universidad de Sevilla

During October-December 2017, CESPYD member Daniela Miranda was a visiting student at the University of Illinois at Chicago supervised by two minority advocacy experts, Professor Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar and Professor Fabricio Balcazar. This experience was enriching as it taught us about advocacy processes that a university-community based partnership have the capacity...

16 December, 2017