Research Project

C2ME: Culturally competent teachers in medical education

Funded by: EACEA Erasmus Lifelong Learning Program.

Coordinator: Jeanine Suurmond (Academic Medical Centre/University of Amsterdam).

Duration: 2013 – 2015.

Abstract: C2ME aims to develop an overarching faculty programme for faculty staff as well as educational leaders.  C2ME will develop design principles to implement cultural competencies in the curriculum. This will result in sustainable curricula that are truly inclusive and promote cultural competence teaching comprehensively. 13 partners are involved from 12 different countries (11 EU and 1 US). It is estimated that in 2050 in Europe about 40 million immigrants will live in the different EU member states. Despite occasional efforts, the medical work force is still relatively unprepared for giving care to the immigrant population. Medical education in Europe still pays modest attention to the ethnic and cultural diversity of patients. One general cause lies in the relative low cultural competence of medical teachers.

A practical model for a sustainable curriculum that integrates diversity in medical education will be developed, in order to equip future care providers with adequate competencies for high-quality care provision to ethnically diverse patient populations. Concrete needs of medical teachers about teaching ethnic and cultural diversity will be assessed. Subsequently, courses will be developed to meet these needs and courses will be exchanged between different medical schools. The courses will be integrated in teach the teachers modules of the participating medical schools. To support medical teachers, a website will be developed to provide materials and teaching strategies where concrete educational material will made available to all medical teachers interested in cultural diversity. Also, practical guidelines for heads of departments will be developed.