Archetypes, Me Too, Time’s Up and the representation of diverse women on TV

Reference: Garrido, R. y Zaptsi, A. (2021). Archetypes, Me Too, Time’s Up and the representation of diverse women on TV. [Arquetipos, Me Too, Time’s Up y la representación de mujeres diversas en TV]. Comunicar, 68. doi: Abstract: The feminist movements Me Too and Time’s Up have showcased the power of...

19 April, 2021

Convivencia, Participación y Diversidad en Sevilla

Reference: Garrido, R. (2019). Living together, Participation and Diversity in Seville. Claver y Ayuntamiento de Sevilla. Abstract: Este informe recoge los resultados del proyecto “Construyendo redes de convivencia y participación ciudadana y vecinal”, financiado por el Ayuntamiento de Sevilla y desarrollado por la asociación Claver. Concretamente, se presenta un diagnóstico...

30 September, 2019

Need for Ensuring Cultural Competence in Medical Programmes of European Universities

Reference: Sorensen, J., Norredam, M., Suurmond, J., Carter-Pokras, O., Garcia-Ramirez, M., & Krasnik, A. (2019). Need for ensuring cultural competence in medical programmes of European universities. BMC Medical Education, 19(1), 21. Abstract: Background: Europe is becoming more social and cultural diverse as a result of the increasing migration, but the...

23 January, 2019

Sexual and Reproductive Health in Roma Women: the Family Planning Programme of Polígono Sur in Seville (Spain)

Reference: Escobar-Ballesta, M., García-Ramírez, M., Albar-Marín, M. J., & Paloma, V. (en prensa). Salud sexual y reproductiva en mujeres gitanas: el programa de planificación familiar del Polígono Sur. Gaceta Sanitaria. doi: Abstract: Objective: To describe the challenges, resources and strategies of the staff of the family planning programme of the Polígono Sur...

6 April, 2018

Rocío Garrido, a new PhD in CESPYD

On November 10th 2017, our colleague Rocío Garrido obtained her PhD with her work entitled  “Competences for Equity in Culturally Diverse Communities: Conceptualizing and Measuring Community Cultural Competence”. Her work was codirected by Prof. Manuel García-Ramírez (Universidad de Sevilla) and Prof. Fabricio Balcázar (University of Illinois at Chicago). She graduated...

10 November, 2017

Implementing a Cultural Competence Training as a Psychopolitical Empowerment Process

Reference: Acosta, M. E., Albar, M. J., García-Ramírez, M., & Aguilera, A. (2017). Implementing a cultural competence training as a psychopolitical empowerment process. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community, 45, 70-80. doi: Abstract: The cultural competence training (CCT) of health care professionals represents a useful resource to face the...

28 July, 2017

Community psychology contributions to the study of social inequalities, well-being and social justice

Reference: García-Ramírez, M., Balcázar, F. y De Freitas, C. (2014). Community psychology contributions to the study of social inequalities, well-being and social justice. Psychosocial Intervention, 23, 79-81. Abstract: This special issue of the Journal of Psychosocial Intervention aims to contribute to the understanding of human well-being as a matter of social justice....

20 April, 2014

Ecological Theory and Research in Multicultural Psychology: A Community Psychology Perspective

Reference:  Suarez-Balcazar, Y., Balcazar, F., Garcia-Ramirez, M. y Taylor-Ritzler, T. (2014). Ecological theory and research in multicultural psychology: A community psychology perspective. In F.T.L. Leong (Ed.) APA Handbook of Multicultural Psychology, vol.1.  Full text:

16 January, 2014

Development and Validation of the Cultural Competence Assessment Instrument: A Factorial Analysis

Reference: Suárez-Balcazar-, Y., Balcazar, F., Taylor-Ritzler, T., Portillo, N., Rodakowsk, J., Garcia-Ramirez, M. y Willis, C. (2011). Development and validation of the cultural competence assessment instrument: A factorial analysis. Journal of Rehabilitation, 4-13. Abstract: The purpose of this study was to develop and validate an instrument to measure cultural competence among rehabilitation...

22 December, 2011

Understanding the Impact of Cultural Competence and Prejudice towards Cultural Diversity on Cases of Burnout in Patient-to-provider Interactions

Reference: Bocchino, A., Garcia-Ramirez, M. y Arcidiacono, C. (2011). Understanding the impact of cultural competence and prejudice towards cultural diversity on cases of burnout in patient-to-provider interactions. In R. Zapata-Barrero & A.R. van Ewijk (Eds.), Spheres of diversities. From concept to policy. 155-169. Barcelona: CIDOB y GRITIM-UPF. ISBN: 978-84-92511-35-8 Full text:

22 May, 2011

Contributions of Liberation Psychology to the Integration of the Immigrant Population

Reference: Albar, M. J., Garcia-Ramirez, M., El Karkri, M., Luque-Ribelles, V. et al. (2010) .Contributions of Liberation Psychology to the Integration of the Immigrant Population. Psychosocial Intervention, 19, 223-234. Abstract: Mobility is a human dimension that has been a part of human behaviour since humanity began. However, the actual exodus of...

1 March, 2010