CESPYD student awarded by the scientific committee at the 1st International Congress on African and Decolonial Studies

Blanca Vera, a PhD student in Social Psychology, was awarded under the category ” Proyecto Entre Márgenes e Intersecciones ” as the best communication of the congress presented and defended by Andalusian students.
Proyecto Entre Márgenes e Intersecciones focuses on incorporating the African perspective in university studies, promoting in-depth research on the African reality. This joint work involves Andalusian (US, UHU and UPO) and Senegalese (UCAD, UGB and UZ) universities, intending to overcome stereotypes and enrich academic studies. The initiative seeks to generate greater knowledge, challenge erroneous beliefs, and become a source of dissemination and transformation of knowledge for Andalusian citizens. This will be achieved through the activation of reflective and active thinking that mobilises society.
The researchers who participated in the project, very grateful for the opportunity and recognition, will continue to dedicate their efforts to the deconstruction of the academy from within for the revaluation and recognition of the contributions of communities to scientific knowledge.

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