Adaptation to Spanish of an ethnocultural empathy scale

19 February, 2015

Reference: Albar, M.J., García-Ramírez, M., Pérez-Moreno, P., Luque-Ribelles, V., Garrido, R. y Bocchino, A. (2015). Adaptation to Spanish of an ethnocultural empathy scale. Texto Contexto Enferm, 24, 621-8. doi:

Abstract: The aim of this study is to adapt the Ethnocultural Empathy Scale of Wang, et al. to Spanish. A process of translation and back-translation of the items was carried out and their psychometric properties were explored in a sample of 441 nursing students from universities in Western Andalusia. Exploratory analyses were used to form sets of items that would reduce the number of indicators for each latent factor in the confirmatory analysis. After obtaining the sets of items, we tested the fit of the data to two factorial structures: a model with four interrelated first-order factors, and another with a second-order factor composed of four first-order factors. The factor structure of the original scale and an appropriate reliability and validity are confirmed. The results obtained support the utilization of the Spanish version of this scale with students of health sciences.

Keywords: Empathy, Cultural diversity, Validation studies, Questionnaires.

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