Archetypes, Me Too, Time’s Up and the representation of diverse women on TV

Reference: Garrido, R. y Zaptsi, A. (2021). Archetypes, Me Too, Time’s Up and the representation of diverse women on TV. [Arquetipos, Me Too, Time’s Up y la representación de mujeres diversas en TV]. Comunicar, 68. doi: Abstract: The feminist movements Me Too and Time’s Up have showcased the power of...

19 April, 2021

Convivencia, Participación y Diversidad en Sevilla

Reference: Garrido, R. (2019). Living together, Participation and Diversity in Seville. Claver y Ayuntamiento de Sevilla. Abstract: Este informe recoge los resultados del proyecto “Construyendo redes de convivencia y participación ciudadana y vecinal”, financiado por el Ayuntamiento de Sevilla y desarrollado por la asociación Claver. Concretamente, se presenta un diagnóstico...

30 September, 2019

Intercultural Networks

Intercultural Networks (Redes Interculturales in Spanish) is a permanent network of communication, organization and institutional articulation between Junta de Andalusia and other public entities and social organizations working in the field of migrations in Andalusia. The objetive of this Network is coordinate and optimize efforts and resources in the consolidation...

3 January, 2018

Platform We Are Migrants

The Platform We Are Migrants aims to defend migrants’ rights (health, education, employment…) and to promote wellbeing in intercultural communities. On the contrary, the Platform rejects all kind of violence towards migrant populations by institutions, organizations, racist groups or people, etc. The Platform We Are Migrants was born from two...

20 December, 2017

Transforming Health Policies through Migrant User Involvement: Lessons Learnt from Three European Countries

Reference: De Freitas, C., García-Ramirez, M., Aambø, A. y Buttigieg, S. (2014). Transforming health policies through migrant user involvement: Lessons learnt from three European countries. Psychosocial Intervention, 23, 105-113. Abstract: Designing and implementing equitable health policies requires the involvement of all stakeholders. However, disadvantaged groups are under-represented in European health participatory mechanisms....

21 April, 2014

Standards for Equity in Health Care for Migrants and other Vulnerable Groups. Self-Assessment Tool for Pilot Implementation

Reference: Chiarenza, A. (Coord). Standards for equity in health care for migrants and other vulnerable groups. Self-Assessment Tool for Pilot Implementation. Reggio Emilia, International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals. Abstract: The Task Force on Migrant-friendly and Culturally Competent Healthcare (TF MFCCH) has developed a set of standards aiming at monitoring...

28 January, 2014

A Case Study of Liberation among Latino Immigrant Families Who Have Children with Disabilities

Reference: Balcazar, F. E., Suarez-Balcazar, Y., Bibiana-Adames, S., Keys, C. B., Garcia-Ramirez, M. y Paloma, V. (2012). A case study of liberation among Latino immigrant families who have children with disabilities. American Journal of Community Psychology, 49, 283-293. doi: Abstract: Latino immigrant families with children with disabilities experience multiple sources of...

22 December, 2012

Acculturative Integration, Self and Citizenship Construction: The Experience of Amal-Andaluza, a Grassroots Organization of Moroccan Women in Andalusia

Reference: Paloma, V., Garcia-Ramirez, M., de la Mata, M., & Association AMAL-Andaluza. (2010). Acculturative integration, self and citizenship construction: The experience of Amal-Andaluza, a grassroots organization of Moroccan women in Andalusia. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 34, 101–113. doi: Abstract: This paper describes the role of grassroots associations in...

1 January, 2010

User Involvement and Empowerment in Health Care Practices with Ethnic Minority and Migrant Groups: A Community Approach

Referencia: García-Ramirez, M. y Hatzidimitriadou, E. (2009). Editorial. User Involvement and Empowerment in Health Care Practices with Ethnic Minority and Migrant Groups: A Community Approach. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care, Vol. 5, Iss: 1, pp. 2 – 4. Publicación completa:  

1 June, 2009