Community Research Forum. A Multipurpose Tool

Reference: Manzano, V. (2016). Community Research Forum. A Multipurpose Tool. Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology, 8. doi:

Abstract: The community forum is a tool widely used by organizations of civil society, and sometimes with government. As a tool for action, the community forum has received little academic or scientific attention. However, it is possible to identify some common characteristics: (1) It is a meeting that takes place in a community of people; (2) the community is involved in its organization and development; (3) the topic addressed is relevant to the community, and (4) there is at least one phase of exhibition, a discussion phase, and a phase of conclusions. This paper presents a kind of meeting, called Community Research Forum (CRF). This is an application of community forum where the topic addressed is the result of research. With this function, the paper defines the CRF, describes its specific objectives, proposes a scheme or method for accomplishing it, and exemplifies its application to a particular case.

Keywords: Community forum, Community research forum, Utility of science.

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