The Challenge of Equity in Health Policies Aimed at the Roma Population in Spain

Reference: García-Ramírez, M., Escobar-Ballesta, M., Lizana, T., & Albar, M. J. (2016). El Reto de la Equidad en las Políticas Sanitarias Dirigidas al Pueblo Gitano en España. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, vol. 7.

Reference: In this paper we address the contribution of the community psychology to the formulation of transformative public health policies for the Roma. The gap in health between the Roma and the rest of population in Europe has led the International Organization for Migration to implement the Equi-Health Project. Its aim is to redefine public health policies addressed to the Roma from the values of equity and social justice. In Spain, it has entailed an iterative four stage process: (1) to frame the problem, (2) to build collaborative capacity among stakeholders; (3) to develop shared understanding, and (4) to plan future actions and strengthen commitments. The lessons learned from this experience allow to: (1) make the strengths of community psychology visible for the innovation of public health policies; (2) raise awareness of our commitment with oppressed groups; and (3) scientifically respond to governance for health.

Palabras clave: Roma people, Community psychology, Governance for health, Wicked problem.

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