Spanish Adaptation of the Scale of Psychological Empowerment in the Workplace

22 December, 2012

Reference: Albar, M. J., García-Ramírez, M., López, A. y Garrido, M. (2012). Spanish Adaptation of the Scale of Psychological Empowerment in the Workplace. The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 15, 793-800.

Abstract: The objective of this study is to adapt and translate into Spanish Spreitzer’s Psychological Empowerment Scale (1995a). A process of translation and reverse-translation was applied to the scale’s items, whose psychometric properties were then examined using a sample of 272 professional nurses at public hospitals in the province of Seville. The data were subjected to confirmatory factor analysis. The significance of the factor loadings demonstrated the need to create a new model eliminating one item. The 11-item model was shown to possess adequate construct validity and internal consistency. The results confirm the original, four-factor structure obtained by Spreitzer, with the exception of item 10, and support the utilization of the Spanish version of this scale in the workplace. Future research should more extensively investigate its construct validity, and test the nomological network of the perationalized construct within the field of psychological well-being and in the context of the workplace.

Keywords: Psychological empowerment scale, Psychometric validation, Workplace context, Nursing.

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