Proyecto de Investigación

HOME – Health and social care for migrants and ethnic minorities

Funded by: COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Funding: 500.000 €

Coordinator: David Ingleby (University of Amsterdam)

Duration: 2007 – 2011

Abstract: The recent increase in the number of migrants in Europe has generated a growing volume of research on their state of health and the need to adapt care services to their needs. Scientific progress in this field, is held up by a lack of interdisciplinary and international collaboration. Moreover, the addition of a cross-national perspective can yield new insights into the causes of ill-health and can further the exchanfe of good practices. In Southern, Central and Eastern European countries, work on migration and health is in particular need of strengthening and encouragement. This Action will bring together an international group of experts to consolidate and review work carried out so far, identity blind spots and persistent problems, and recommend ways forward. Its three Working Groups will be concerned with social and policy factors, migrants’ state of health, and improvements in service delivery. The Action will produce «state of the art» reports on the most urgent themes and will organize workshops, conferences, joint publications and training actitivities to discuss and disseminate its findings.

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