Diversity and Equity in Ibero‐american Universities: An Ecological Analysis and Proposals for Action‐research from Psychology

Referencia: Garrido, R., Prado, M. A. y Chaparro, R. A. (2021). Diversity and equity in Ibero‐American universities: An ecological analysis and proposals for action‐research from psychology. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology. doi:

Resumen: Despite the numerous advances towards the recognition of LGBT rights worldwide, real equity has not yet been achieved. It is therefore necessary to take into consideration not only the socio‐political context but also the concrete practices that have been developed in specific settings. The university represents an important scene, which generates knowledge and development in societies. This study, from a Liberating Community Psychology approach, analysed five good practices related to LGBT issues and psychology placed in four countries with different socio‐cultural backgrounds: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Spain. The results from an ecological SWOT analysis—based on interviews and questionnaires with diverse stakeholders and experts—showed the internal weaknesses (e.g., lack of resources) and strengths (e.g., high promoters’ commitment, students acceptance) of the good practices, as well as their external opportunities and threats in the academic (e.g., social status of the university, curricula gaps), but also in the socio‐political context (e.g., protecting policies, attacks from conservative sectors). Additionally, action‐research proposals to improve equity in/from universities were suggested by stakeholders and prioritized by experts through a Delphi panel. The main theoretical and practical contributions are discussed. Please refer to the Supplementary Material section to find this article’s Community and Social Impact Statement.

Palabras clave: Equity, LGBT, PAR, Sexual and gender diversity, University.