Experiences of Oppression, Liberation, and Well-being among Moroccans in Andalusia

Referencia: Luque-Ribelles, V., Herrera, I., & García-Ramírez, M. (2017). Experiences of oppression, liberation, and well-being among Moroccans in Andalusia. Journal of Community Psychology, 45831–845. doi:

Resumen: This qualitative study explores the settlement experiences of  Moroccan migrants living in Andalusia (southern Spain). Taking a liberation psychology approach, we focus on the roles that power relations, oppression, well-being, and liberation play in the newcomers’ adaptation to the host country from a sociopolitical point of view. Based on grounded theory, we analyze the narratives of 28 Moroccan migrants across two different contexts within Andalusia; 15 participated in in-depth interviews and 13 in 2 separate focus groups. A series of theoretical propositions emerged from the analysis, taking into account (a) conditions of oppression, (b) responses to conditions of oppression, and (c) the well-being continuum. These interrelated dimensions were found to shape different migration trajectories, leading to either maintaining the unjust living conditions or choosing to confront them. In the latter case, migrants actively engaged in transformative civic actions promoting social justice and symmetrical power relations between the migrant and native-born populations. The main contribution of this study is to value migrants by defining their migratory experiences and how, in their view, the liberation process is achieved. 

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