CESPYD Participa en la Discusión Online Capacity Building for Roma Health Equity

Compartimos la siguiente información de la discusión en línea en la que, junto con la EPHA, CESPYD participa dentro de la 2022 Romani Week:

Dear Roma Health Network members,

With the 2022 Romani Week around the corner, we would like to officially invite you to take part in our event ‘Capacity Building for Roma Health Equity’ which takes place online on 19 May 16:30-18:00.

We are organising the event in cooperation with the RHN members CESPYD from Spain, ESE, and Kham Delčevo from North Macedonia. We will be discussing the importance of mental health through the description of a mental health model developed by CESPYD and its application in practice in North Macedonia. With this event, we want to also focus on capacity building; you could use the mental health model yourself; we also want to ensure you can share your own experience during the event.

We hope to see you there!

Os dejamos los enlaces para el registro y más información del evento: