Promoting Justice through Community‐based Research: International Case Studies

Referencia: Suarez‐Balcazar, Y., Balcazar, F., Miranda, D. E., Velazquez, T., Arcidiacono, C., & Garcia‐Ramirez, M. (2022). Promoting justice through community‐based research: International case studies. American Journal of Community Psychology, 1–13.

Resumen: Community‐based participatory research (CBPR) approaches to promoting justice focus on working from the ground up and giving a voice to marginalized communities regarding their concerns, potential solutions, and how to address social justice issues that matter to them. The pursuit of justice is often related to efforts to attain personal as well as collective well‐being. In this paper, we illustrate three exemplars of community psychologists’ efforts to promote justice. Within each case study, we discuss the social and community context and examine how the researchers built partnerships and solidarity, developed ways of doing, and approached challenges and solutions. First, we present an example to promote economic justice through an entrepreneurship initiative developed in collaboration with young Black youth with disabilities in the United States. The second case illustrates an effort to promote reproductive justice in collaboration with Roma women and girls in Spain. The third exemplar depicts the use of life stories as a method to raise the voices of displaced, marginalized indigenous women in Peru. Based on these three case studies, we present a synthesis model of social justice. We also discuss implications for future studies emphasizing the importance of engaging community participants in research meaningful ways, developing sustainable partnerships, and decolonizing research.

Palabras clave: Community‐based participatory research, Economic justice, Reproductive justice, Social justice.

Publicación completa: Promoting justice through community‐based research: International case studies.