Standards for Equity in Health Care for Migrants and other Vulnerable Groups. Self-Assessment Tool for Pilot Implementation

Referencia: Chiarenza, A. (Coord). Standards for equity in health care for migrants and other vulnerable groups. Self-Assessment Tool for Pilot Implementation. Reggio Emilia, International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals.

Resumen: The Task Force on Migrant-friendly and Culturally Competent Healthcare (TF MFCCH) has developed a set of standards aiming at monitoring and measuring equity in health care for migrants and other vulnerable groups. The standards for equity provide opportunity for staff and services to question what they do, why they do it, and whether it can be done better. A set of preliminary standards have been developed on the basis of an extensive critical literature review as well as several expert workshops and consultations. The preliminary standards have also been pilot-tested and evaluated by a group of 45 health care organizations from 12 countries in 2012. Based on feedback received, the standards were improved and presented at the International WHO-HPH (Health Promoting Hospital and Health Services) Conference in Gothenburg. With the approval of the international HPH network, the TF on MFCCH has finalized its Standards and is set to begin a new phase of work to aid health care organizations implement the standards. The new phase serves to enhance practical utility of the standards, and so the Task Force has developed a Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to help institutions evaluate, monitor and improve their activities on health equity. Institutions that participate in the pilot implementation of this tool will:

Complete the self-assessment tool to benchmark organizational performance on each of the standards;

Select relevant indicators useful to their organization to assess progress against the standards and assess the current or potential availability of data sources to enable reporting on the indicator;

Analyze the results of the self-assessment to identify areas of improvement in each of the standards areas;

Select one or two areas of improvement for the development of a draft plan to achieve a quantifiable improvement.

Institutions invited to participate in the pilot test are Hospitals, Health Care Services, Community and Social Centres. The period of activity for this process is March 2014 to October 2014. All relevant information and instructions can be found on the Tasks Forces sub-site on the international HPH Networks web site

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