An Article by Virginia Paloma Recognized as a Top Downloaded Paper by Wiley

The article “The Roles of Settings in Supporting Immigrants’ Resistance to Injustice and Oppression: A policy Statement by the Society for Community Research and Action, Division 27 of the American Psychological Association”, published in the American Journal of Community Psychology, has been recognised by Wiley as one of the most...

31 March, 2023

Virginia Paloma speaks at a conference organised by Acción Verapaz

On 8 February, Virginia Paloma, coordinator of CESPYD, took part as a speaker at the 15th Conference on “Citizenship and Migratory Movements: Proposals for Coexistence and Integration”, organised by the Acción Verapaz association and the parish of San Jacinto (Seville).

9 February, 2023

CESPYD hosts the Preparatory Meeting for the III Ibero-American Permanent Forum “Afro-descendant Women and Human Rights Defenders”

CESPYD, in collaboration with the Haurralde Foundation and the Asociación Afro y Defensoras de Derechos Humanos (Colombia), has held the first preparatory meeting of the “III Ibero-American Permanent Forum of Afro-descendant Women and Human Rights Defenders”.   This preparatory meeting took place in the Faculty of Psychology of the University...

6 February, 2023

A Liberation Psychology Approach to Acculturative Integration of Migrant Populations

Reference: Garcia-Ramirez, M., de la Mata, M., Paloma, V. y Hernandez-Plaza, S. (2011). A liberation psychology approach to acculturative integration of migrant populations. American Journal of Community Psychology, 47, 86–97. doi: Abstract: This paper describes an acculturative integration approach that stresses the contribution of liberation psychology. Immigrant integration is a challenge...

22 December, 2011

Contributions of Liberation Psychology to the Integration of the Immigrant Population

Reference: Albar, M. J., Garcia-Ramirez, M., El Karkri, M., Luque-Ribelles, V. et al. (2010) .Contributions of Liberation Psychology to the Integration of the Immigrant Population. Psychosocial Intervention, 19, 223-234. Abstract: Mobility is a human dimension that has been a part of human behaviour since humanity began. However, the actual exodus of...

1 March, 2010

Acculturative Integration, Self and Citizenship Construction: The Experience of Amal-Andaluza, a Grassroots Organization of Moroccan Women in Andalusia

Reference: Paloma, V., Garcia-Ramirez, M., de la Mata, M., & Association AMAL-Andaluza. (2010). Acculturative integration, self and citizenship construction: The experience of Amal-Andaluza, a grassroots organization of Moroccan women in Andalusia. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 34, 101–113. doi: Abstract: This paper describes the role of grassroots associations in...

1 January, 2010

COMMUNITY INTEGRATION OF MOROCCAN IMMIGRANTS in Andalusia. Predictive factors and action plan

Coordinator: Manuel García-Ramírez. Duration: 2006-2009. Abstract: Community integration is the acculturation strategy with best results in terms of well-being in the process of immigrants’ adjustment to a new context. Furthermore, it increases social cohesion, avoids the development of racist attitudes in the receiving population and promotes symmetrical intergroup relationships. However, immigrants are often...

1 January, 2006