Research Project

Preparation of an ACTION MAP to improve the well-being of immigrant population in Andalusia

Coordinator: Virginia Paloma.

Duration: August-december 2018.

Abstract: The cause of migration from the countries of origin to Andalusia is very varied, although immigrants tend to have the goal of improving their well-being conditions. Well-being is defined as the life satisfaction manifested by immigrants when their physical and psychological needs are met in a balanced way at different levels of analysis (individual, relational, organizational, and community). A current challenge of the Junta de Andalucía is to develop and implement social policies and interventions that improve the well-being of the immigrant population in order to build a cohesive multicultural society. Hence, this project aimed to develop an Action Map for the Improvement of the well-being of the immigrant population that can act as a conceptual reference when establishing the relevant dimensions from which to organize the different initiatives launched. For this purpose, a systematic review of the international scientific literature was performed, which has led to the identification of 18 determinants that explain the life satisfaction of the immigrant population in the receiving societies.

More information: Technical report.


Funded by:
Regional Government of Andalusia. Department of Justice and Home Affairs. Directorate General for Coordination of Migration Policies (CONTR/2018/51619).