Effects of the Economic Crisis and Austerity Policies on Health and Health Care Access of Migrant Population in Southern European Countries: Scoping Review

Referencia: Jordão, N. M., Freitas, C. D., & García-Ramírez, M. (2018). Effects of the economic crisis and austerity policies on health and health care access of migrant population in southern European countries: scoping review. REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, 26(54), 213-230.

Resumen: The aim of this article is to gather and synthesize existing knowledge about the impact of the economic crisis and the consequent austerity policies on health condition and health care access of migrant populations in southern European countries, namely Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. The results analyzed indicate that the economic crisis and the austerity policies had a negative impact on health and health care access of migrants in three countries, since no data were found about Portugal. The negative effects are reflected in mental health, occupational health, communicable and noncommunicable diseases, child health and in the subjective perception of health. Health care accessibility has become more limited in Spain, especially for irregular immigrants population.

Palabras clave: Economic crisis, Austerity policies, Health condition, Health care access, Migrants.